Why Ambassadors?


When TFEA launched the Bursary with UAL we thought about how we could engage fellow artists and creators to help us with our work and spread the word about our activities.  It was fortunate that we are a generally friendly and gregarious bunch of people so had lots of friends and acquaintances from a broad circle who wanted to share their knowledge, creativity and in some cases their business acumen.  It did not take too much persuasion to ask them to support us.


What do we do to make the task fun and rewarding? 


 First all we make sure they are kept aware of what we are up to and most importantly we value the CIAs contribution of ideas and any advice they give us. CIAs have an open invitation to attend our Board meetings and are always welcome.   


 Each Ambassador is asked if they would like to visit a specific course at any of the University of Arts London campuses.  Ambassadors usually chose a course that relates to their own business interests or their academic background.  


On occasion when Trustees cannot attend an event (this does happen quite a bit because we are a busy group) at UAL such as the Graduate Open Evenings we ask the CIAs if they would like to take the place of the Trustee to attend the VIP Reception.  


We also flag up on FB, Instagram and Twitter their news such as exhibitions and workshops they may be offering. 




When we hold careers activities CIAs who have visited a specific college or course are invited to speak or attend so that pupils and sixth form students can ask them about their careers.   As this is a voluntary role there is no pressure on CIAs to attend but as they are such lovely people who really care about the future of young people in Essex they often make time to help.  


We have had CIAs chose to increase their involvement and become Trustees which has been fantastic. So far three CIAs have taken that route and have made a significant contribution to the work of the charity. We are very grateful to them.