Interlock Programme


As you may well be aware we ran three Creative Industries Careers Fairs during 2016 and 2017 based at Woodlands School in Basildon.  This was all part of our support for the bursary which we set up with University of Arts London.  Designed to get the ball rolling on the awareness of opportunities to study creative subjects they were a great success and approximately 500 pupils from schools across south Essex attended.


This past year we have been assessing the work we do in the light of the Creative Industries Deal which has led to a fresh and more targeted approach to help pupils in their career aspirations.


UAL has existing activities and we are developing the INTERLOCK PROGRAMME based on those. Although building on what already exists it adds value and undertakes specific activities that enrich the process.  The applications from students in this area to the world class campuses of UAL are lower than other parts of the country with comparable populations.  TFEA hopes in a small way to address that lack of aspiration but also to lay the ground for pupils to see their peers advance. Role models are an essential component of the programme as it progresses. More details coming soon.