Mike Harrington

Mike Harrington
I have been hooked on painting and drawing since I can remember. I inherited my love of art from my parents. Although I grew up in a poor part of London, my parents were well educated and loved the arts. I got my mothers passion for the impressionists and my father’s love of literature and theatre.

In the 1970’s I took an evening class and was lucky enough to get to draw Quentin Crisp a number of times. It was here I honed my skills with pencils and charcoal.

Over the years I allowed work and life to get in the way, however I always kept up my hobby. It was easy to carry a small watercolour kit in my bag and try to get in a little practice wherever possible.

After taking early retirement in 1993 I started painting again more seriously. Since then I have experimented with different mediums and styles, enjoying the freedom to try new ways of seeing things. I have been a member of the Foundation from the beginning.

In the last 2 years I have been studying sculpture and experimenting with clay, moulding and casting in resin.
I recently studied ceramics and pottery through City and Guilds.